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If you are writing a thesis or other paper it is a good rule of thumb to check your paper against plagiarism. However, sometimes the percentage of similarities is high. In such a case, you are at risk of conducting plagiarism, which can eventually lead to the cancellation of your thesis or even dismissal from your school. It is therefore essential to make sure that the percentage of plagiarism is not high before being able to publish them and therefore not to risk the cancellation of a thesis.
Plagiarism removal service

The solution

Plag is the pioneer in offering plagiarism removal services in Italy. We have created a strict methodological approach, and prepared standards for ethical plagiarism removal. Our specially trained editors manually work with the parts of text that are identified as plagiarism, quote these parts correctly and rewrite some of them. Thanks to the work of our specially trained editors, all types of text can easily pass any type of control such as that done by universities with regard to theses.

Plagiarism removal service: the process

The process for plagiarism removal is divided into six steps:
1. Plagiarism check. Document is checked against plagiarism. It is important to check the document against all databases and with deep check options included. Quality should be assured in every step.
2. Initial assessment of the document. Unfortunately, some documents, which have extremely high risks of plagiarism, cannot be edited, as they have nothing original inside.
3. Editor matching. This is a very important step which allows us to assign the best possible editor for the paper. Only an editor with significant experience in the given field and with the needed language is assigned for the document.
4. Editing. Document is being edited according to our editing and plagiarism removal standards.
5. Plagiarism check. Plagiarism check is being performed to assure that no possible plagiarism is left.
6. Transfer to customer and revisions, if needed.
Strict control on each step of the process guarantees the best results and 100% customer satisfaction.
Plagiarism removal service


As we are a collaborative platform for educators and students, we involve professors and highly trained students to be our editors.
We pay a huge amount of attention in selecting and training our editors. Our editors are highly trained for plagiarism removal according to our manually crafted standards, methods, and best practices. The structured workflow allows us to ensure the top quality of our services and deliver your orders within the deadline.
We maintain three standards and guidelines in place whose mastery is required of all of our editors:
Professional editor standard. Describes the knowledge and skills needed for a professional editor.
Editing standard. Describes best practices for delivering services for the customer.
Academic editing standard. Describes the methods and practices that are essential for ethical intervention in academic text.

Why it is important to rely on plagiarism removal services

There are many reasons why should you rely on plagiarism removal services:
Lack of time.
You have work or other obligations and you realize that you will not be able to find the time necessary to finish your paper in a proper way.
Lack of inspiration.
You worked on the content for a long time and it is hard to find the right words you need.
Approaching deadline.
You have a deadline soon and your paper needs to be submitted shortly.
Strict specialization.
You simply just do not want to dig deep into something that you will not use in your future life. Proper citation might be one of these topics.
Poor previous interventions.
Some companies and private editors do not have a strict methodological approach and their work needs to be re-done.
No proper support from your teacher.
Your teacher is not able to explain to you the citation rules properly.
Need for quality outcome.
There is a risk of incorrectly paraphrasing your paper. In some cases paraphrasing might change the meaning of the text, so leaving a plagiarism removal for highly trained authors virtually removes such risk.

Plagiarism removal services: guaranteed professionalism

The professional work carried out by professionals allows the checks carried out on the theses by university programs to be passed smoothly.
The work is carried out using software that have decidedly more efficient anti-plagiarism databases, in this way they are able to guarantee a better uniqueness of the texts and therefore give the possibility to those who rely on these services to be able to think about the degree exam without concerns.
The team of professionals literally takes care of the theses by removing the parts of plagiarism, deleting the text that could be problematic, changing the quotes or rewriting in an authentic way.
Finally, it is good to consider that the work of the teams takes place in significantly shorter times than those that a correction of plagiarism requires and it is good to remember that they offer a guaranteed result.

How to start

There are two ways to start the plagiarism removal process. Choose one which suits your needs better.
1. Write us an inquiry.
2. We might ask you some questions to better understand your needs.
3. We will analyze the document, check it with plagiarism software (with all the databases included and deep check enabled).
4. We will provide you a free quote for the complete removal of plagiarism.
1. Sign up to the Plag.
2. Upload your paper.
3. Check your paper with deep check and scholarly databases enabled.
4. When the check is completed, you will be able to order the plagiarism removal service.


We alway ensure a high level of professionalism: all our edited papers pass the check of your university text similarity program.
We maintain the largest database of scholarly articles so our service will work perfectly no matter what plagiarism prevention software is used at your university – would it be Compilatio, Turnitin or Tesilink.

How quickly will I get the result

In general we always ensure delivery of plagiarism removal service by the deadline.
For emergency cases we have the “last minute” service. This service allows the delivery up to 24 hours. In this case several editors are working on your paper to deliver the result quickly. Please check the availability for such a service by writing an inquiry.

Total confidentiality

We guarantee the full confidentiality of our clients. You can be safe and secure that nobody will know that you have ordered any services with our company.
Total confidentiality

How do we remove plagiarism from your paper?

In general, there are 4 main methods of removing plagiarism from the thesis:
1. Delete problematic parts;
2. Add missing citations;
3. Rewrite such parts in a proper way;
4. Correct improper citation.
In most cases these methods are applied simultaneously, for instance, rewriting and adding missing citations.
Our plagiarism removal work is always 100% guaranteed. We have been working with students from universities all over Italy and our experience allows us to provide a safe and completely anonymous service.


Price per page
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14 days
From 12.95 $ (standard price)
7 days
From 15.95 $
48 hours
From 19.45 $
24 hours
From 22.45 $
The page is considered to be 250 words of text.
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How many similarities are allowed by the university?

The similarities are sometimes qualified as plagiarism. This is not the right way to do it, but still many educators are in favor of this method.
Most professors should allow a pass if the paper has less than 10% of similarity. In other cases, please follow the following guidelines:
< 10%
Most professors will pass your paper. There might be minor exceptions depending on the university or professor.
Most probably you will be asked to edit your paper.
You will be asked to edit your paper or even not allowed to submit your paper.
Very high
You probably won’t be allowed to submit your paper.
> 25%
It is very unlikely that any professor will accept your paper.


Initial document

Originality report example

Edited document

Originality report example

How can I stay in touch while at work?

You will be able to chat with your editor during the whole process. Chat is available at Plag system.

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